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A Pocket Full Of Hope creates a safe environment for youth and teens to creatively express their individuality in a setting that cultivates positivity, inclusiveness, and participation. Program participants not only learn how to work together but they learn how to contribute their ideas toward building a stronger community. They are taught life skills that help them commit to a lifestyle of health, confidence, knowledge, and intentionality. They reach their goals not by happenstance but by understanding the power of purpose and execution.

We have served hundreds of children. We were there to affirm their greatness and  celebrate their achievements. We are also present to assist our youth through moments of grief and affliction.

Watching these young men and women show up for themselves and for each other is priceless. Hopeville, our meeting and learning location, is a place where kids are assured that they are not alone. There are others of their age and status that have also experienced issues with transitioning from an adolescent to a teen and then an adult. Our program provides a positive channel for children to not only release their emotions but learn to do so in a way that is healthy and constructive.

we can’t do it without you

This is why it’s so vitally necessary to keep Hopeville operating and functioning to handle the capacity of our youth and the issues they carry through the door. Once inside, they are able to escape the burden of overcompensation and simply be a kid––a kid with greatness and personality. They are able to create art through dance, digital technology, writing, and so much more. Our donors are able to witness how talented these children are by attending community-wide performances and by simply stopping by Hopeville to lecture, mentor, teach, or volunteer.

A Pocket Full Of Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps youth ages 7 to 19 develop life skills and learning skills using music, theatre, dance, video, and photography.

We are extremely grateful for all physical and monetary support. Thank you.